Educational Services

Success Through Education!


The focus of the UAIC Education Department is on student success. Making things happen educationally for our tribal members and tribal children is our No. 1 priority. In May of 2008, the UAIC Tribal School received its accreditation in its first-year eligibility. Operating since 2005, the UAIC School has a hands-on learning philosophy that helps teach children in pre-K through 6th grades key aspects of Indian culture and foster critical thinking to prepare tribal members to face future challenges. The school houses one of California’s most extensive collections of Native American Literature, which is available to all children at the school and other tribal members. The school also offers Occupational Therapy, private instruction, homework clubs and several career and personal development opportunities and services.


Services offered

Occupational Therapy (OT): 
Designed to provide children opportunities for sensory motor development. OT provides services especially to children who are having difficulty mastering developmental tasks related to gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing, handwriting, and learning and attention difficulties.


Homework Club: 
A place for students receive assistance on homework and work individually on skills they are having difficulty mastering. Students also have opportunities to play in the Occupational Therapy Gym, create artwork, use educational computer software, and play games.


Private Teaching: 
Provided to students on an as needed basis. Students meet with an assigned teacher weekly to develop skills and complete school assignments.


GED Program: 
Designed for students who have attempted, but have not completed high school or for those that have dropped out. The GED Program is self-paced and uses technology, texts, exercise materials and one-on-one teacher assistance to help students pass the GED.


Academic/Career Counseling: 
Assistance with selecting a university, college, or vocational program are services that are provided to young adult and adult Tribal Members.


Language & Arts: 
Assistance with the selection of private lessons or adult classes in foreign languages, music and art is available.


Personal Development Workshops:
Providing career/job selection strategies, interviewing techniques and basic computer skills, are also available.


Educational Outreach:
Services available to Tribal Members include campus tours and orientation, career fairs, and educational conferences.



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